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Hardus de Bruyn

Wanaka, New Zealand
Hardus started Trail Athlete in 2019 after moving to New Zealand from South Africa.
Hardus is a data driven analytical couch that loves crunching the numbers and maintains good relationships with his clients.

About Hardus

Hardus has a background in Adventure Racing, Rockclinbing, Mountainbiking, swimming, triathlon and athletics. He started getting into ultra running after losing his father in 2019.

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  • Rogaine
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  • Northburn

Hardus loves the technical aspects of coaching and especially how they influence other aspects of our lives. He is a father and husband and dedicated Christian.

Service provided:

  • Endurance Coaching for runners & Triathletes
  • Initial meeting to get to know you, your training history, goals, & capacity/time commitments.
  • Individualised training plan via Training-peaks which can be synced to your smart watch & phone. 
  • Provides accountability and motivation to a proven training structure tailored towards your goals. 
  • Review of sessions, comments, tips, two-way feedback and adjustments to optimise the program for you.
  • Direct Whats-app channel linking you to your coach. Available to offer advice on training, strength, nutrition, recovery, mindset, event preparation & racing.
  •  Training aims to fit into the structure of your life, whilst maintaining the basics of good nutrition, sleep and optimal health. 
  • This along with the benefits of being a TrailAthlete member: discounts, competitions, being part of TA community.