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Katie Wright

Queenstown, New Zealand
Katie joined Trail Athlete in 2023. She is a full time General Practitioner in Queenstown originally from the UK.
Katie is a intuitive coach with a lot of knowledge on extremely long distances.

About Katie

Katie Wright is a General Practitioner and an elite ultra distance runner. She has a passion for
helping others find enjoyment and success in running. Through her coaching she’ll be sharing the knowledge and experience she has gained through her own running journey, e.g. training, strategy, nutrition and race kit.

Katie’s why

Katie started her running journey back in September 2017. She decided to embark on a mission to run the perimeter of Wales. Her motivation was fueled by a disappointing result at the London Marathon earlier that year after she strained her calf. Having plenty of time available and a great deal of training under her belt, she had to take on something big.
Katie took on that something big in a pair of road running shoes. On day 3 of her Wales mission, she finally opted for her first pair of trail running shoes instead and left the road shoes with her friend in Cardiff.
The pivotal moment in her trail running journey came a third of the way in. The weather was horrid, and she was powering on uphill. When she got to the top the weather cleared and that’s when she knew trail running was what she wanted to do.
In April 2018, she moved to New Zealand and signed up for her first 100k in Taupo and hasn’t turned back since.

Service provided:

  • Endurance Coaching for runners & Triathletes
  • Initial meeting to get to know you, your training history, goals, & capacity/time commitments.
  • Individualised training plan via Training-peaks which can be synced to your smart watch & phone. 
  • Provides accountability and motivation to a proven training structure tailored towards your goals. 
  • Review of sessions, comments, tips, two-way feedback and adjustments to optimise the program for you.
  • Direct Whats-app channel linking you to your coach. Available to offer advice on training, strength, nutrition, recovery, mindset, event preparation & racing.
  •  Training aims to fit into the structure of your life, whilst maintaining the basics of good nutrition, sleep and optimal health. 
  • This along with the benefits of being a TrailAthlete member: discounts, competitions, being part of TA community.